Sunday, August 8, 2010

We As A Society Are Changing

My younger sister currently attends college and one thing that truly bothers me is the lack of technology being used. She is going to school for education at one of the East Coast's "most respected" educational schools and does not have one class that stresses the importance of technology. This is a problem... The future world is one that we do not know much, if anything, about. Therefore we must prepare the future teachers of the world in a such a way where they will have the ability to turn-key the skills that their students will need to survive. These skills do not only include technology; however, students of the future will learn differently whether we choose to admit it or not.

This video was an eye opener for me simply because the person in it is a college student with a strong message. "He dropped out of college because "college" was interfering with his learning!" Very profound statement from a young person who truly wants to take hold of his own education. I think that we as teachers often think we are the ones who have the "power" to decide what is best for students. In reality, as seen in the video, students today want to take charge of their own education and will do so with or without our consent. It is our role as teachers to grasp the opportunity to learn with our students and facilitate their learning in a professional manner. What a great age to live in!

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  1. Hi Chuck,

    Eloquently said and I agree 100 percent. It is a travesty that education at various levels is not focused on teaching students how to continuously learn through different online tools.