Sunday, December 13, 2009

Education needs to embrace the shifts that are happening

“At ACU it’s like they see [the iPhone] is the way of the future and they might as well take advantage of it,” Stratton said in a phone interview. “They’re preparing us for the real world — not a place where you’re not allowed to use anything.”

In colleges across America today we have technology being infused because it is inevitable that technology is not going anywhere.  It is our job as educators on all levels to prepare our students for what they will be facing when they are expected to lead our world.  In our schools today we are being told (as teachers) that we are not allowed to use this device or that site but "here is a book that looks good to use in class."  Do not get me wrong, textbooks are great depending on what they are, however why are we using books written in 2001 when we could use technology that was updated two hours ago?  I think that leaders in education need to realize that the way our students think, learn, and function is different than when we were in school.  We, as teachers, need to adapt to this and embrace it.  There are too many teachers stuck in the "old school" ways of teaching with the idea that "if it isn't broken.."  when in reality it may not exactly be broken but rather it has changed.  We must change with the times or we will be doing a disservice to our students.  

A great teacher never stops learning, researching, and adapting.  We must research the newest trends, learn how to infuse them into our classrooms, and adapt in order to prepare our students for the future...

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