Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Just some thoughts for today...

The simple things in life seem to always be the things that are most important or most impacting!  Why is this?

Simple inventions have made us think, "why didn't I think of that?"  Something so basic yet at the same time something we cannot live without.  Simple gestures or acts of kindness can impact us for a lifetime.  Things that people choose to do everyday for no reason at all can be that one thing that changes lives.   Simple memories, things that are forgotten in the short term, but in time come back as the best times of our lives, are the memories that last forever.

I was reading an article currently discussing the need for people to be the best no matter what the circumstance.  In the article it spoke of a man who put all of his time building a business and in turn became extremely wealthy.  The price he paid however, to me, was not worth it.  He ruined his marriage by cheating, never spent time with his children, and his family was not known to him anymore.... but he was rich and therefore successful?   I do not understand the way America defines success but I do think we need to get back to being simple.   Jack Johnson says it best in his song Banana Pancakes: "It's just so easy when the whole world fits inside of your arms..."   I think we need to understand how important it is to put those we love first and show them each day how much they mean to us.

 So why is it that being simple seems to be a concept so difficult for people to understand.  We try in our society to be the biggest, the richest, the most intelligent, or the most successful when in the end the core of who we are is really what matters.  Too many of us have become superficial, looking for the things beyond simplicity.  I do not feel it is wrong to be successful, rich, intelligent, or strong but if these are the things that define us than I do feel we are missing the boat.  When I look back on my life I do not want to be defined based on the superficial but rather on the person I have become, the people I have impacted, and the time I took to appreciate the simplicity in life.

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